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2020 Media Partners

Chicagoland Food and Beverage Industry Network

The Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network (CFBN) is an industry association representing companies in food and beverage.  CFBN is recognized as a disruptor of the traditional “trade association” space by better delivering on the needs of its’ industry members.  CFBN focuses on growth, innovation, connection, and collaboration across the regional food and beverage industry and helps Chicagoland claim its’ position as the “Silicon Valley of Food & Beverage.”

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is a global market research company providing strategic intelligence on industries, companies, economies and consumers around the world. Comprehensive international coverage and insights across consumer goods, business-to-business and service industries make our research an essential resource for businesses of all sizes.

Food and Beverages Tech Review

FB Tech Review is the only one of its kind, knowledge platform that brings to its audience insider information from the food and beverages technology space. With our unique peer-to-peer learning approach, we connect elements from the different ends of the spectrum. We bring together senior decision-makers from leading organizations and their counterparts in their domains under one roof so that they can share their wisdom, knowledge and technological expertise among peers - accelerating the growth of the space.

FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media offers all you need to know about food and drink innovation and trends around the world and interprets them to help you improve your business. Established originally as a traditional ink-on-paper magazine publisher in 2000, today FoodBev Media is a truly international multimedia business. Our two industry-leading publications, FoodBev and Refreshment, provide our audience with up-to-date news, trends, innovations, events and analysis. Find out how your industry is progressing and what new things are being introduced. For more information on our publications please visit:

Innovation Leadership Forum

The Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) is a visionary and original Think & Do Tank which works with senior management teams to instil the confidence to lead and innovate, confidentially and responsibly, in the turbulent context of the 21st century. The three foundations on which the work builds are: a focus on people, a deep understanding of specific context, and a system-based approach. The ILF was set up by innovation philosopher, story teller and catalyst Dr Bettina von Stamm in 2004.

MyTech Magazine

Transforming news into insights, not only do we serve as a source of information but as the breeding ground for innovative ideas and exchange of breath-taking strategies that can make a difference in your technological understanding. We bring forth an enhanced, clever and a comprehensive platform which can assist the information seekers a filtered view of what they are searching. Our technology magazine is spearheading a revolution to provide knowledgeable articles written in simple yet lucid language that can give an insight into the latest in the world of technology.

Nutritional Outlook

With a finger on the pulse of the nutraceuticals industry, Nutritional Outlook is a leading resource for manufacturers of dietary supplements and healthy food and beverages.


Kimberly Schaub is a research chef working as the senior product development scientist at Bulletproof 360 and founded the PeasOnMoss website and podcast in 2009. With a nutritional science background, management training from the US Air Force, and culinary scientist certification from the Research Chefs Association, Kimberly brings a unique eye to culinary arts and food science. PeasOnMoss itself is an alliterative play on mis en place, and the goal of the site is to show the many pathways in the food industry and how to be successful in many of them by sharing interviews, education, and opportunities.

PeasOnMoss leverages the podcast platform to invite a larger audience to consider the craft and business of getting food to their grocery store shelves and onto their plates. Through conversational interviews, Kimberly invites the guests to share their career experiences and expertise, fostering a space where food science and technology are shared in an accessible and engaging way.